JRubyConf EU 2012!

There have been 4 JRubyConfs in the US so far, but none in Europe. Until now. We are happy to announce the first JRubyConf EU!

JRubyConf EU will be happening off the shore of the beatiful Lake M├╝ggelsee in Berlin, Germany on August 17. As a first year event, JRubyConf EU is a special side-car event to the larger eurucamp conference. So come on August 17, for a full day of JRuby talks (single-track) and then stay for August 18-19 for eurucamp itself. Three fun-filled days of Ruby.

JRubyConf EU is still looking for presentations and the Call for Proposals will be open until midnight CEST July 13. Share your experiences using JRuby with a group of people interested in JRuby. Can you think of anything more enjoyable than that?