Our speaker lineup

We're thrilled to finally announce our full lineup of speakers.

Despite JRubyConf EU coming about at the relative last-minute, we think our speaker lineup is superb. JRubyConf EU in its infancy is a one-day event and, this time around, we were only able to accommodate a limited number of talks. Nonetheless all of the proposals we received were of a very high standard.

Without further ado, here are the speakers for the first European JRubyConf:

  • Benoît Daloze (@eregontp): A student at the Université catholique de Louvain, Benoît is currently working on the 2012 Google Summer of Code (GSOC) project, Perfer, a benchmarking tool for all Ruby implementations.
  • David Tollmyr (@effata): Lead Developer at advertising startup Burt in Gothenburg, Sweden. Big data guy by day. Metal Singer by night.
  • Joe Kutner (@codefinger): Hailing from sunny Huntsville, Alabama, Joe is an independent consultant building Ruby and Rails applications. He also literally wrote the book on JRuby deployment.
  • Mario Camou (@thedoc): Master Architect and Co-founder of Abstra.cc, where he is involved in several projects using JRuby, Scala and combinations thereof.
  • Theo Hultberg (@iconara): Chief Architect, also at Burt. Theo has built distributed analytics systems that handle tens of millions of messages per day – all in Ruby.
  • Tim Lossen (@tlossen): By day, a backend engineer at Berlin social gaming startup Wooga. Secret Hardware hacker by night.
  • Toby Crawley (@tcrawley): Core member of the TorqueBox team at Red Hat, Toby Crawley is spearheading the integration of Java and Ruby.
  • Tom Enebo (@tom_enebo): Member of the JRuby Core Team. Enough said.
  • Uwe Kubosch: Senior Software Developer at Datek Wireless AS. Now heading the ruboto project, he's been putting it to intriguing uses.

We hope you're just as excited about our lineup as we are. If you haven't registered yet, there are still some tickets available.

Looking forward to seeing you next month in Berlin!