Meet our Sponsors: innoQ

eurucamp's little brother is JRubyConf EU, a conference combining the sometimes slow-moving and traditional world of Java with the pragmatic and fast-moving world of Ruby. For that, we have found the German (and Swiss) role model of a cross-language company: innoQ. By bringing both expertise in Ruby/Rails and in classic Java development, they ensure that the often quoted sentence "pick the best tools for the job" can be made reality.

innoQ is a technology consultancy, focusing on software architecture with an explicit specialization in service-oriented architecture (SOA) using Web services and REST, and lightweight software development methods using Ruby, Java and other technologies. With knowledge gained in many Fortune 500 software projects in various industries, innoQ offers both high level and strategic consulting as well as architectural guidance and advanced development capabilities.

Whatever your problem is, innoQ sticks to its credo: "We'll take care of it. Personally." And sometimes, that person is Stefan Tilkov, one of the leading experts in enterprise Rails in Germany.

The eurucamp team is not only excited to have innoQ on board as a sponsor, but also looking forward to their team participating as attendees and introductory speakers. Have a chat with them, its definitely worth your while!