Meet our Sponsors: Neo4j

We are thrilled to have another high-profile sponsor on our JRubyConf EU sponsors list: Neo Technology, the people behind the Graph database Neo4j.

Let them explain what Neo4j does:

Neo4j - Learn. Create. Connect.

Neo4j concept

Neo4j is a Graph Database that makes dealing with connected data much easier by supporting the property graph data model and providing a high performance, transactional database that can traverse billions of nodes and relationships at orders of magnitude higher speeds than relational databases.

As a Java-based database we especially embrace languages on the JVM which can access Neo4j not only remotely but also in embedded mode which is great for high performance use-cases and quick turnaround in testing.

From the beginning there have been strong drivers for Neo4j developed by members of the JRuby community, most notably neo4j.rb by Andreas Ronge and Pacer by Darrick Wiebe.

These gems are used a number of applications, a local one to Berlin is MoviePilot, whose international platform runs on (J)Ruby and Neo4j. They also moved the driver forward with feedback and also provided new gems like Jogger for using Neo4j from JRuby.

Graphs are great for managing real-world data, and for very cool visualizations too.

Neo4j concept

Feel free to join the GraphDB Berlin meetup group or our Google Group to get all your questions answered.

If you want to get the full shot of graph related information, make sure to be in San Francisco in November to learn and hack at the GraphConnect conference (Discount Code GCFON).

Enjoy the conference and come along for your personal graph stickers and live hacking.

Neo4j concept