eurucamp 2013 is more than a conference

eurucamp 2013 will be far more than a conference: it will be a week of Ruby goodness in Berlin. To pull that off, we changed our organisation structure and will reintroduce some of the interesting ideas from last year to widen the reach of the camp.

Organisational changes

As last year, eurucamp 2013 will be run by the Ruby Berlin e.V.. In contrast to last year, Ruby Berlin e.V. is now an accredited non-profit organization, meaning that we can accept tax-exempt donations! You are very welcome to do so and will receive proper donation receipts. All profits will be invested in our projects, enabling us to produce more events like eurucamp, RailsGirls and the rug_b user group.

eurucamp and JRubyConf EU

As last year, eurucamp and JRubyConf EU will be co-hosted events taking place in the same week in Berlin. This year, however, JRubyConf EU will be its own event happening two days before eurucamp. Similar to last year, the events will be connected and organised by the same crew. As the conferences are organised from the same budget, all sponsor agreements will cover both events.

JRubyConf EU will take place on 14 - 15 August and eurucamp from 16 - 18 August.

Cost-covering tickets

Last year, we made the mistake of offering some tickets did not cover all running costs of the conference (especially meal costs). This meant that we had to use a substantial amount of sponsor money to cover up the remaining costs, drawing funds from other activities. We'd like to avoid this situation this year. This means that this year's prices for the tickets have risen moderately. We will, however, continue to offer discounts for students and beginners.

Engineering serendipity

A lot of the flair of eurucamp came from the activities. A lot of awesome things happened spontanously and somehow by chance. Last year, we had an app for that: the activities app. Attendees could plan and events and get-togethers spontanously and sign up for them. This year, we are going to expand on the concept and provide the app early before the conference - we intend to provide a central spot for us and others to organise their days in Berlin. This is crucial for the last, major change:

eurucamp week

This year's event will span a week. eurucamp week will consist of:

  • 4 days of impromptu get-togethers (Saturday to Tuesday), moderated by the team and run through the activities app
  • 2 days of JRubyConf EU (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • 1 more relaxed day of hacking and a RailsGirls special course out by the lake (Friday)
  • 2 days of the main eurucamp sessions (Saturday and Sunday)

The impromptu get-togethers will be organised through the activities app. We will find an initial seed of things to do in Berlin ahead of time - but as we found out last time, the tech community will fill in the blanks :).