eurucamp week

The Ruby Berlin e.V. and the eurucamp team are happy to announce that eurucamp 2013 is more than a conference: eurucamp week is coming!

eurucamp week will consist of 3 segments: free get-together, and eurucamp 2013.

August 10.-13.: Freedom

If you ever came to a conference city early, you might have noticed that there is a lot going on before the event: people meeting in downtown for a coffee, doing sightseeing or meeting at co-working spaces for working and hacking together. The conference organizers are always part of that, giving recommendations over Twitter and similar channels. We'd like to encourage more people to take part in these impromptu events. Thats why we make the days before the conferences an official part of the program. That enables us to propose activities on those days and allow locals to do the same. And rest assured: we have some aces up our sleeves that you wouldn't think of if you just had a look at wikipedia.

So, plan accordingly: If you want to enjoy the city a few days, plan your flight in early and register yourself for activities! Or better yet: announce one yourself!

August 14. and 15.: is happening again! This time, though, its a full conference, taking place on the in Berlin. The location is still to be announced. See the the website for details.

In parallel, we will still run activities in town, for those that want to spend their time on other things instead.

August 16.-18.: eurucamp 2013!

The classic is back! eurucamp 2013 will run again, fundamentally unchanged. The only thing missing is the track on friday, for obvious reasons. If you enjoyed last year, you will enjoy this year! See the website for details.