eurucamp Week 2013 Videos

Hey! long time, no sign of life. We are currently preparing to make some announcements about next year's iteration. In the meantime, here's something to whet your appetite.

We are currently in the process of uploading last year's videos, both for eurucamp and The videos can be found on our Vimeo account.

We will release them batch-wise, each week, which is more a limit imposed by Vimeo, instead of a strategy. On the other hand, it ensures that every video gets a lot of love and and tweets. The order of the releases is also dictated by Vimeo's weekly upload limit - we'll see what fits best.

A short word about why it has taken so long: we didn't actually plan for video taping. But through chance, we both found an audio technician willing to operate the cameras on the side and the budget to do it at the last minute. Olivia Oyama did a great job for us.

That meant that we didn't have post-production planned. Multiple people offered to do it on a volunteer-basis but then found out that handling 48 hours of HD video on tapes is nothing you do over a few afternoons. I'd like to thank everyone who attempted that, especially our sponsor Bitcrowd and Bodo.

In the end, Ole did the job for us, with support of asquera. He put a lot effort into what was given him and we appreciate his work a lot.

Enjoy the videos, even if they are later than we would have liked. It will take around 3 months to release them all!