Tickets on sale

Our Early Bird ticket sale begins Monday, 28 April, 6 pm CEST.

eurucamp 2014 will take place again on 1st to 3rd August, at Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam.

We strive to be a welcoming conference: you, your significant other and your kids are welcome to join us. Child care will be provided throughout the eurucamp weekend. The ticket price for significant others and kids includes participation in afternoon activities and meals with conference attendees. In the case of kids, it covers the cost of child care.

If you have any accessibilty issues that might hold you back from making an immediate purchase, please read our accessibility guide.

We will have a single workshop ticket. If you would like to attend a workshop on Friday please grab this ticket.

There are seperate child care and significant other tickets for the weekend and for Friday – you only pay what you use. Both tickets are unlimited and can be bought up to 3 days before the conference.

JRubyConf.EU Early Bird tickets also go on sale.

Ticket prices

  • eurucamp Early Bird 129 € (regular will be 169 €)
  • eurucamp significant other 80 € (40 € for Friday additionally)
  • eurucamp kids 60 € (30 € for Friday additionally)
  • eurucamp/JRubyConf.EU supporter 250 €
  • eurucamp workshop 79 €
  • JRubyConf EU Early Bird 99 € (regular will be 129 €)

EuRuKo 2014 ticket holders should have received an email containing a 20% discount code for Early Bird and regular tickets. A 25% discount is offered to students.

A note for mentors

As stated in our Mentorship Guide, mentors have preferred access to tickets in exchange for their work.

Make sure that you checked the box in your profile and you will receive a secret link later this week.

This is a special offer for people investing additional community work and not to be used as a shortcut.