Those of you who took a close look at our schedule will have noticed that we have 2 rooms. We are not turning eurucamp into a two-track conference, though. Every speaker will speak twice, once in Hall 1, once in Hall 2. The keynote and discussions will happen on an outside stage.

This has a simple practical reason: through our switch of venues, our lecture hall got considerably smaller, but we wanted to grow the event a little. This is our hack to solve this.

We would kindly ask you to pick one of the rooms at the beginning of the conference and stick to your choice so that everyone has a great experience. Also, give an extra round of applause to the speakers for their additional effort!

Also thanks to our venue - HPI Potsdam - to make that setup work.

P.S.: Daily Deutsch: "Pendelverkehr" in Berlin is when one track of the S- or U-Bahn shuts down and is replaced by a train going back and forth (like a "Pendel" - "pendular"). It happens quite a lot around here, especially during summer.