eurucamp 2014 will have real time captioning

Lindsey Kuper says your next conference should have real time captioning. Let's see if she's right.

So, we got together with Wyccon to provide exactly that at eurucamp! Captioning will happen in Hall 1 inside, so pick that one as your hall if you want to use it.

We're excited for multiple reasons: This makes eurucamp far more accessible for people with hearing impairments. On top of that, it helps those of us that struggle with following english talks for 8 hour a day, in multiple accents. And finally, it allows us to document what was said and explained during a talk, without resorting to video (which will still happen, but still doesn't interact well with grep(1)). The captions will be displayed on a screen and can be accessed through a special app on your iOS or Android devices.

The person in charge for all this will be Kimberly Turnage. If you are curious how all that works, pass by sometimes during the conference.

Wyccon Kimberly

We are very late with this announcement, so if that would have been a necessity for you to attend the conference, get in touch with and we can figure out how to still make this happen.

Also, an apology to last years speaker Piotr Szotkowski. You will probably lose your "keyboard nerd" crown this year.