The Camp Compressor

Every conference has video. It comes with a lot of problems: bad resolution, format complaints, high bandwidth requirements and problems with lighting. Don't get me started with multiple camera angles. Honestly, if you ask me, that stuff wouldn't fly if it weren't for cats and dogs being much cuter in motion.

In Cologne, a lot of people subscribe to this opinion. This is why all fine german Ruby community podcasts are made in Cologne. Nerdkunde, Geekstammtisch und bitsofberlin (which is not exactly from Cologne, but Bodo is and Bodo was part of Nerdkunde and... you get the drift).

Now, why am I telling you this? Dirk, Lucas and Bodo are doing a joint-venture, just for eurucamp! It's called The Camp Compressor and will be available through the normal channels. Handcrafted audio-waves, directly from the camp.

If you see them running around, consider saying a word or few to them, just watch out for the microphones!