Favourite Moments

Almost a week has gone by since eurucamp ended and we're all suffering from the post-eurucamp blues. It's hard not to get nostalgic about such a wonderful weekend.

eurucamp is unique, and there were so many amazing moments that will truly make this a conference to remember, such as:

  • the stenography (which made a certain blogger very happy everytime she missed something important)
  • the podcast
  • emceeing from EuRuKo organizers Natalia Zaslavskaya and Julia Tokareva, all the way from the Ukraine
  • the food and the coffee
  • the beautiful weather and location
  • the wide range of talks that were aimed at beginners and advanced programmers alike
  • the almost balanced gender ratio of speakers

Twitter also had something to say. A major theme was diversity and inclusion:

sven twitter til twitter

Others felt as though they walked away having gained new knowledge: niklas twitter

And some people just couldn't decide what their favourite part was: nerdbabe twitter

Many thanks to everyone who wrote in with their favourite moment. A Friday hug to you all!

thilo friday hug (Picture courtesy of Thilo. For more, check out flikr)