The benefits of being in a Rails Girls project group

For those of you living in Berlin, you probably don't need to be told about a certain phenomenon that is taking over the coding scene. But incase you do, here's some info.

Some History

Rails Girls was founded in Finland and aims to "give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas." It's now a worldwide non-profit organization with workshops happening everywhere from Tel Aviv and Wellington, to Hong Kong and Colombia. This amazing community and its passionate army of coaches and organizers and has helped change the lives of hundreds of women, including yours truly!

Berlin is a great place for a Rails Girl to be. The city has an incredibly active chapter, with numerous workshops and hackdays happening throughout the year (including one at this year's eurucamp). It is also the birthplace of the Rails Girls Summer of Code, a program which pays women real wages to hack on open source projects over the course of three months.

However, one of the big stumbling blocks for women after finishing one of these workshops is figuring out what to do when it's all over. They built a mini app, they got their feet wet with methods and string interpolation and model/view/controllers, but what next?

That's where Rails Girls project groups come in. After the workshops, graduates are getting together and hanging out after work to improve their coding skills, whether it be by going through codecademy tutorials, building an open source app, or working through home-grown worksheets.

Some Savings!

eurucamp is proud to recognize the efforts of these women. Members of these groups are already eligible for student tickets at a cost of €120 each. However, to support them even further in their endeavours, we are offering project group members within Germany an opportunity to win EVEN MOAR SUPER DISCOUNTED TICKETS to eurucamp! Here's how it works:

  • Starting now, project group members can enter to win one of fifteen discounted tickets at the cost of just €100.
  • We will also offer 5 chances to win a discounted ticket for just €80!

Entering for a chance to win is incredibly easy. Just fill out this form.

You have until TUESDAY MAY 26th to enter. After that we'll contact the winners. We'll even throw some international fame into the mix. Feel like writing a blogpost about your experience at eurucamp and the awesomeness of your project group? By all means, just get in touch, and we'd be happy to oblige.

Here's the information again in pretty slide form. Good luck!