The low down on our finances

When eurucamp was first created, one of our main goals was to keep tickets affordable for everyone. However this year, much to our chagrin, we've had to increase the prices slightly. We know some of you have been wondering why, so for inquiring minds out there, this blogpost is for you!

Where does the money go?

eurucamp and the JRubyConfEU are run by the Ruby Berlin e.V and are therefore non profit events. All money raised through tickets and sponsors is used either for the event itself, or for other events supported by the association.

eurucamp is a conference for everyone: there will be childcare for parents, live transcription for attendees with hearing disabilities, and a Rails Girls workshop for beginners. There will also be food, drinks and assorted other goodies. We offer discounted tickets for people with lower incomes, and videos will also be made available for those who cannot attend.

This all comes at a cost, but we think it’s worth it. To help you to get an overview, here's an approximation of our budget (subject to change):

Total planned expenses: ~ € 86 000

  • food and drinks = ~ 20 %

  • venue = ~ 17 %

  • videos and tech = ~ 15 %

  • taxes (we’re an e.V. but we pay taxes on sponsorships and VAT on tickets) = ~ 13 %

  • speakers (accommodation and speakers dinner, no travel costs) = ~ 11 %

  • accessibility = ~ 10 %

  • goodies (tshirts, stickers etc) = ~ 8 %

  • insurance, bookkeeping, misc costs etc = ~ 6 %

Total planned income: ~ € 86 000

  • tickets = ~ 57 %

  • sponsoring = ~ 43 %

So why the increase?

eurucamp costs more this year because some of the above expenses were not included in last year's base budget when ticket prices were calculated. This year's budget covers absolute must haves. We consider all of the above, from the great venue to keeping the conference accessible to all, incredibly important. To help keep ticket prices under control, we enlist the help of sponsors.

How can I help?

We need more sponsors! If you love eurucamp and like what we do, please spread the word! Tell your/every company you know that it’s a great conference and that it needs their love. If they have any questions, tell them to get in touch with us at If your company wants to help out but cannot afford a full sponsoring package, they can instead purchase a supporter ticket (€250 for eurucamp OR the JRubyConfEU) so that you can attend, and they can sponsor the conference at the same time. It's a win-win!

All that being said, we want everyone to come, because we truly believe in this conference and in this community. If you want to attend but for any reason cannot afford a ticket, please get in touch with us, we’ll see what we can do.