Get ready for rubyweek!

eurucamp may only be 3 days of conferencing, but that doesn't mean that that feel-good eurucamp atmosphere can't last for longer. That's why we've created

Rubyweek is an extended period of time during and around eurucamp filled with get-togethers and community events celebrating all things ruby (and a lot of non-ruby things too). Add an activity you'd like to do during eurucamp, and wait for others to sign up. See something you like? Just hit the join button and start counting down the days.

As you can see, we've already started it off for you with the monthly ruby user's group (Rug::B), on Thursday August 6th. Now it's your turn. If you need some inspiration, events from last year include a visit to Babelsberg film studios, biking from Berlin Alexanderplatz to the conference (which is a courageous ~= 40 km), introduction to the Lotus framework, and going swimming in Schlachtensee lake during the Saturday break. Suggest whatever you like, coding or otherwise, there are no rules! (except for the obvious ones)

Proposed activities are also a great place for significant others and kids to spend the day while the coder in the family is off rubying it up with fellow enthusiasts. If you want to propose an activity which is open to all, please write "significant other" in the description field. If you have any questions about who is allowed where, just drop us a line.

So, get planning!

FYI, there will be a get-together on Friday evening to open the conference, and there will also be a surprise event on Saturday evening. Please keep these activities in mind while planning yours (you are of course not forced to come to these events, if you'd rather do something else, add it to the app).