Flexible hosting platform for developers provided by anynines

We are proud of it. anynines has sponsored eurucamp once again. We first sponsored this nice and innovative Ruby conference in 2013 and came to the event with a bunch of people - we all remember this whole week of talks, meetings, events and workshops, and not less the awesome BBQ party at the hotel near Müggelsee.

We also hosted a small workshop there showing how anynines works and how apps can be deployed on it – good times!

Why do we sponsor the eurucamp?

First of all, we think that giving the developer community, and especially the Ruby community, a platform where they can meet, talk, exchange, learn and have a good time is really important. Communication is key and where can you communicate better than at a conference? Especially, one which gives a large space for leisure and free time.

On top of that, our coworker Lucas and his girlfriend Fanny are members of the orga team and we love to support him in his work.

What is anynines?

In a few words, anynines is a flexible hosting platform for developers. Which probably means, it is for you. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to push your app within minutes into a European Cloud Service.

European data security? Natürlich! anynines is hosted within a German data center with which we work closely.

anynines was built on the Open Source project Cloud Foundry developed by Pivotal Labs. Because we believe in the power of Open Source projects, this was our first choice. For the Infrastructure as a Service our first choice was VMware, which we then replaced by a self hosted OpenStack installation that better fits to our vision of anynines.

If you're wondering about how our technology works or why we made those choice, don't hesitate to contact us on twitter. Otherwise, you can find more information at anynines.com or have a look on our blog at blog.anynines.com.

We hope you all had nice conference weekend and that you had the chance to meet our employees Olli, Henrik, Marcel and Lucas who were also at this year's eurucamp edition.